DEGUY is a German-Israeli musician community. Its creative hot-spot is the passionate songs of singer/songwriter DeGuy. Depending on how big the stage is, you can experience DEGUY solo, as a duo, trio, quartet, quintet or sextet. When DEGUY comes in its entirety, a colorful, playful bunch of musicians from Jerusalem, Hamburg, Haifa, Leipzig, Freiburg, and Bielefeld enters the stage.

​With polyphonic vocals, guitars, harmonica, bass, keyboards, drums, and various brass instruments they create their very own universe of sound. Maybe the band Radiohead would sound like that if they covered James Brown, Stevie Wonder if he played Pink Floyd, or Amy Winehouse if she jammed in heaven with Ian Curtis from Joy Division.

A DEGUY concert is a diversity you can hear and dance to. The band loves funky grooves, psychedelic short trips, great soul feelings, jazzy solo journeys, crisp beats, spherical indie sounds, and radiant hooks. But the focus is always on the song.

​The songs tell of the beauty and drama of Israel, of love and reconciliation, sadness and consolation, despair and hope, but also of the joy of self-will and the courage to live your dreams.

DeGuy: „The songs sound the way my heart feels, like the inspiration I was filled by, without any attempt to please any trend or anyone.“


Deguy: Vocals, Guitars, Harmonicas

Peter: Drums

Noah: Piano, Keyboards, Guitar, Trombone, Vocals

Marcus: Trumpet, Vocals

Tom: Bass, Vocals  Til: Flute, Sax

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